A Bright New Idea for the Travel Industry
Your Mission: Create Raving Fans for Your Travel Offerings!

You pride yourself on providing the best travel experiences for your clients. Small groups ... personal service ... authentic local experiences. You want your customers to be your biggest fans. What if you could strengthen your relationship by offering them a new and exciting travel service? Go that extra mile to wow them? Really make a difference to their travel experience?

A Bright New Idea for the Travel Industry
Travel Oomph - what is it, and what can it do for your customers?
Your Secret Weapon - The 4 Week Travel Tune-Up!

Don't you want energized, vibrant clients showing up for your one-of-a-kind trips? Fit Travelers Have More Fun gives you and your customers a new way to dial up the fun and the memories with The 4 Week Travel Tune-Up. Led by an experienced health coach AND traveler, your customers can increase travel-specific energy and fitness while anticipating the fun of their upcoming trip with you - all from the comfort of their own home.

A Bright New Idea for the Travel Industry
About Me

Travel matters. I've been traveling for over 30 years, and with a Master's Degree in nutrition, I've worked as a Registered Dietitian and Wellcoach for nearly as long. I specialize in personalizing travel, increasing travel skills and confidence, dialing up energy and fitness, and helping you bring it all home with you to enjoy after a fabulous trip. Read more.