Slimming for Vacation Travel: Part 3

Slimming for Travel: Orange

You’re planning a trip. To slim or not to slim – is that really the question? Read Part 1 HERE; Part 2 HERE.

Continuing with the stellar tips from Part 2: 

4. Stop eating for two. In the US, expect to be served enough food for two people nearly everywhere you eat out. Share, box half up for takeaway before you start eating, or leave half on your plate. Use 8″ salad plates at home as dinner plates and pretend you’re back in the 50s, when 8-9″ dinner plates were the norm. (12″ dinner plates are now the standard. For a great read about why this is important, check out Brian Wansink’sMindless Eating“.) Want to see what a 300-400 calorie meal looks like? Cook a low-cal frozen microwave meal, dump it on your plate at home, and be amazed. Really, that little? (And no, you don’t have to actually eat it).

5. Stop indulging your inner 15 year old when it comes to food. Notice how you keep trying to eat certain foods in large amounts, and you always feel bad after? Newsflash: the indigestion, heartburn, overfullness, and sluggishness you feel are meaningful signs your body is sending you to STOP DOING THAT! Ask yourself if it isn’t time to be an adult and to eat for health, energy, and to feel good after a meal. Some foods that can help you do that? Beans. The dried, legume kind. Kidney beans, lentils, black beans and so forth. So little fat, so few calories, so much fiber. Your GI tract will thank you for it (although your friends may not, short-term. Start with just a few spoonfuls at a time and gradually increase). Also, non-starchy vegetables are great throughout the day (avoid unlimited amounts of the starchy ones – peas, potatoes, corn). Most of you aren’t getting enough calcium either, so nonfat dairy (milk, yogurt) or fortified soy milk (but watch added sugars!) would be energizing and slimming plus just great for you. Eat less of everything, and let your inner adult call the shots.

So, what question should you be asking yourself?

To slim or not to slim? To energize or not to energize? To protect muscle jealously or let dieting decimate it? To be kind to yourself as you learn new tricks to tackle weight, or to judge yourself as you forlornly try the same old things yet again? To drink your calories, or save them for food? To let your inner teen call the shots when it’s meal time, or to be the adult that you are and eat to feel good? To make the number on the scale the only measure of success, or to allow yourself other mile markers along the way?