Slimming For Vacation Travel – Part 2

Leafy Greens - To Slim or not to Slim
To slim or not to slim? Click HERE for Part 1 if you missed it.
The following key slimming tips will save the day if you’re wanting to lose a few pounds before your next trip or vacation:
  1. Less choice is good when trying to lose weight. We only have so much ‘willpower’ available to us in a given day. If we’re constantly faced with choices, eventually we’ll weaken and give in (nice to know this has been studied scientifically – so you’re not a weak, bad, undisciplined person after all!) Create healthy routines around meals and snacking. A policy of no second helpings, and adding a 15 minute walk after meals, are really awesome mealtime routines. Don’t bring all that junk into the house! And decide if one or two rules will help you. For example: “I’m not eating anything after 7 pm” can save you from a world of hurt as you avoid agonizing night after night over whether to raid the fridge, go out for an ice cream, or watch TV with a friendly bag of chips. Don’t overdo it with the rules, and focus on how they save you from constant, exhausting mental back-and-forths (rather than allowing yourself to feel punished by them).
  2. Resistance. We all face it. To shift resistance, begin to pay attention to the stories running amok in your head (stories you may not be aware of – yet). Ferret out the ones that are tripping you up. Stories like, “I’m terrible at exercise” or “I have no willpower” or even “I must clean my plate” can be deal-breakers for weight loss. Find the stories, challenge them, set a goal to correct any bits that are true (often they are mostly false), and create a new, more supportive story. Rinse and repeat. You may find story after story tucked away in there, like Russian nesting dolls. Find them and deal with them (kindly) and you’ll see your resistance buckle.
  3. Use your noggin. Stop drinking stuff with calories in it. Do you really want to walk a mile to burn those 100 calories in your 8 ounce coke or juice? Save your calories for your food. (Skim milk is the exception because of the calcium/protein punch it packs with 0 fat). 

So, how can you limit choice and save your willpower? What mealtime, snacking, or exercise routine will make weight loss easier for you? What one rule will do the most to quiet the exhausting ‘do I, don’t I?’ back-and-forth in your head? What story is replaying over and over in your head, bolstering resistance to your intention to slim before your trip? More tips to come in Slimming For Vacation Travel – Part 3.