Travel Photo: Finding Your Travel Magic #1

When I look at this photo I am reminded of the incredible natural beauty of Thailand, of many days spent snorkeling and getting acquainted with the clownfish, moray eels, reef sharks, lionfish, and jewel-like fan corals; the miracle that is Thai cooking, and the sheer deliciousness of a Thai massage after hours spent swimming or hiking on the island. I also recall a great email sent from home which included a video of my husband staging a scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with our two Siamese cats – priceless!

Ko Phi Phi Thailand

Travel Magic, Thai Style!

So, where do you find your travel magic?

Note: Travel Photo: Finding Your Travel Magic is a photo series created to remind us about everything we love about travel. Travel magic is what motivates and inspires us to do the hard work to plan a fabulous trip. Travel magic is what delights us, fires up our engines, and makes it all worthwhile. Getting a little fitter and more energized before travel so we can see and do everything we planned and feel great doing it can be hard. When the going gets tough, the tough look at a pretty picture of travel and get motivated to persevere- because great travel matters!