The Cycle of Travel Unfitness Amnesia


This Is Hard! Man Lying on Bench After Hiking

This Is Hard!


Remember that moment on your last trip or vacation when you thought to yourself, “I can’t believe how out of shape I am! I’m going to do something about this! Next time, it’ll be different”?

Maybe it was when you were trying to keep up with some younger folk on the Everest trek in Nepal…. or perhaps towards the end of the 6 hour walking tour of Kyoto, somewhere between the tea stop and the hand-crafted fan and umbrella cottage industry visit… or 3 hours into the Vatican and Vatican Museum tour in Rome…or after walking a portion of the Great Wall of China, as this woman so brilliantly describes HERE. Or maybe, a couple of flights of stairs in the hilly Montmartre district in Paris caused you to desperately offer up firstborn children (or grandchildren) OR an immediate cease fire to unsavory personal habits such as smoking or gluttonous excess or your unseemly fondness for beverages fashioned with hops… if only the steps would end! On a trip, in the moment, we feel our lack of physical conditioning acutely, and we have only the best of intentions as we vow to do better for the next trip.

So, what happens next?

We return to Home Sweet Home. The steps and long hours of sightseeing vanish into thin air, and we forget. We forget how uncomfortable we were, we forget how impatient we became with ourselves, and we forget how we thought our travel experience could have been better if WE were better, physically.

We might be tempted to laugh as we recall how this happens to us over and over, again and again, trip after trip. It’s as if someone has slipped a magic potion of forgetfulness into the middling red wine we down on the flight back. How can we, clever and adventurous beings that we are, be surprised over and over again by the same discovery – that we physically just aren’t up to the task at hand? Yet each time we travel, we’re exasperated at the fruits of our couch potato-ness yet again.

Think back to your last few trips. Were you able to see and do everything you’d planned and feel great as you did it all? Did you have the extra energy and alertness to take advantage of the lovely surprises that great travel brings (and to handle the less lovely ones)? Did your body respond to everything your mind had planned like a well-oiled machine? If so, kudos.

If not, it’s time to pierce the veil and stop the Cycle of Travel Unfitness Amnesia once and for all. When on your last trip did you think, “This is HARD”? What was that moment when you saw with complete clarity that you were asking your body to do more than it was prepared for? Great travel matters, and it is time, my good folk, to face the music. We’re not 20 anymore! Decades of long desk days, too much computer and TV time, vanishing exercise regimens, and less-than-prudent choices in the eats department, have led you down this road. The good news is, you’ll notice a difference with just a few weeks of pre-travel preparation!

So, don’t be a victim of Travel Unfitness Amnesia on your next amazing travel adventure. Man or woman up, and DO something about it in the weeks before your departure. Follow along here for plenty of tips and strategies to help you increase your energy and fitness specifically for travel – so you can have your best trip yet!

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