Do You Have Travel Oomph?

No one plans to have an average trip, a so-so journey, a middling vacation. And while it is true that much that happens while we’re on the road is out of our control, one of the pleasures of travel is the unexpected invitation, the spur-of-the-moment day trip, or the unexpected find.

What we DON’T want to happen is to be unable to follow through with the delightful little surprises that great travel brings. If you’re overtired or your legs hurt, some of the magic of travel evaporates. You may miss the little signs that could lead you to a grand adventure because you’re distracted by your complaining body. Or, you may decline a spontaneous detour if it hints at being too physically taxing. Planned events on your itinerary may lose some of their luster because you’ve run out of steam. At some point during your trip, after hours of walking or a couple dozen stairs or a long, standing-room-only ride in a tram, you likely are thinking, “I can’t believe how out of shape I am! I’m going to do something about this when I get home”. But, as is often the case, home sweet home doesn’t present the same physical challenges that travel does…. so you forget. You do nothing, and on your next trip, it is deja vu.

I’ve created a multimedia piece at Storify titled “How Much Travel Oomph Do You Have?”. It’s intended to get you thinking about the costs of leaving home sluggish and out-of-shape, and provides tips and information about how to get a little fitter and more energized in the weeks before your next trip or vacation. I’ve tried to bring the variety we all expect from a good trip to the subject with videos, blog posts and tweets and Facebook posts.

We all want to be able to tell stories of our amazing travel experiences. You don’t want to be telling the story of how out-of-shape you were on your last trip! Great travel does matter, and fit travelers do have more fun!

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