I’m Nora, your Travel Health Coach. I’ve worked as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Wellcoach for 20 years, but I most identify with the title of Traveler. I’m passionate about helping people have a great travel experience, and the missing piece… the elephant in the room… is that most of us overestimate how active we are at home, and underestimate the rigors of travel. I believe that we need to stop settling for travel that is less than it could be because WE’RE less than we could be, physically. That’s why I created The 4 Week Travel Tune-Up.  Here’s what I wish for you with all my heart:

  • If you aren’t traveling, I want to get you traveling because great travel transforms.
  • If you’re stuck in a travel rut, I want to help you travel better because great travel matters.
  • If you’ve been traveling marvelously for years, I want to help you remain physically able to travel for many more because great travel makes us feel alive and vital.

Fit Travelers Have More Fun exists because I have seen firsthand how an unprepared body can interfere with the joys of travel. In this world we live in, most of us lead very busy lives. We hardly notice that most of this busy-ness happens while we’re sitting! Years and decades of too much sitting, too little exercise, and too frequent episodes of ignoring the messages our bodies have tried to send us can slide by unnoticed – until we leave home to have an adventure. That’s what happened to me and to some of the people I care about. I don’t want it to happen to you! I see travel as a chance to learn new things, celebrate new experiences and fascinating people, and satisfy my curiosity and love of the beautiful, the unusual, the exceptional. I love to be amazed, wowed, dazzled by the world. I want to make memories, sing the song of my travels, and share each precious moment with friends and family when I return. Do you? Great travel matters – so lets make sure that for the next trip, your body can deliver!

Photos from my travels...